Saturday, November 14, 2009


Paul and I went on a cruise to celebrate the fact that we've made it 7 years without taking that "till 'DEATH' do us part" thing too literally.  Just kidding.  By the Grace of God, the good times have far outweighed the bad and we've been blessed with a happy marriage and two absolutely wonderful little boys.  I am thankful every day that God allows me to spend my life with this man who loves me so much and who is the best father ever to our boys.  I love you Paul.  Thank you for loving me back!!

Towel Art

You can buy books on board to teach you how to do this, but we didn't want to spoil the magic. 

We were scheduled to leave Galveston at 4:00 Saturday afternoon but they had a lot of supplies to load and we ended up leaving several hours late.  I didn't think much of it (except that they couldn't open the casino until we were at sea and I was looking forward to playing roulette) because we were supposed to be at sea all day Sunday and dock in Progresso about 8:00 Monday morning.  We made it to Progresso by 8:00 Monday morning all right, but we had to make up time to get there.  I spent Sunday morning sick because the ride was so bumpy.  But thanks to Dramamine, a good nap, and a sweet hubby by the afternoon I was able to enjoy the festivities.  This was that first morning...

I was really wondering what I'd gotten myself into!!

On Monday we docked in Progresso.  The boat we were on was called the Ecstasy but we actually honeymooned on the Fantasy.  We didn't realize it, but now the Fantasy does the same exact cruise as the Ecstasy but leaves from New Orleans.  When we got off of our boat the Fantasy was "parked" next to us! 

We weren't very impressed with Progresso, but mostly because the tour company we were with was horrible and we literally almost missed the boat that afternoon.  We did see some Mayan ruins that were very interesting. 

The view from the top of one of the structures.

           Posing on one of the pyramids

That night we had a Midnight Buffet Mexican Feast.  All of the food on board was AMAZING - Except the desserts that is.  We're not sure why, but they were all horrible!  They were pretty though!!!


Cozumel was our favorite.  We went on an ATV tour through the jungle where we got so muddy that we threw away our shoes when we got back to the boat, but had an absolute blast doing it!

So after our ATV tour we did a little sight-seeing in Cozumel.  We ate lunch at an authentic Mexican restaurant that was amazing, and did a "Little" bit of shopping...

See all those bags my hubby's carrying?  Yeah, most of them are full of pottery!!  We brought lots of Talevera pottery back to my mom & aunt - and none of it got broken!!

We had such an amazing time.  Thanks Mom & Aunt Nelda, for taking care of all FOUR of our boys for us and allowing us to relax and enjoy each other!  And Paul, thanks for 7 wonderful years. I hope for 70 more with you.  I love you!!

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