Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow Much FUN!!!

We spent the weekend in Tulsa and it snowed SIX INCHES! After snowing almost all day Saturday it finally stopped and Nathan and I got bundled up to go play. We had SO much fun! He didn't quite know what to think when I threw the first snowball at him, but then it was on! He'd say, "Mommy, look that way", then he'd throw a snowball at me when I wasn't looking. Little turkey. :) I built a snowman that ended up being taller than Nathan. Nathan sort of helped me, but was really more interested in trying to knock him over than anything. Finally I told him that if he'd let me get him finished and we got pictures then he could do whatever he wanted. So I got the snowman finished and we had a family photo shoot. A few minutes later Nathan looked at me with those big, brown eyes of his and said, "Mommy, you said after pictures..." All I could do was grin and say, "You're right. Go get 'em". "WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!" was the exact response I believe. And so began the fall of Frosty. Not due to rising temperatures, just the all-boy excitement of a 4 year old who had permission to destroy something.
The View From Our Front Door
Nathan & his Daddy
Isn't he cute??

Nathan & Mommy

"I'm gonna get you, Mommy!"

It's not so easy to make a perfectly round snowball!


Our snowman

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joseph's 6 Month Birthday

I can't believe my sweet baby boy is 6 Months Old today! Time has sure flown! He's just the sweetest little thing- unless he's hungry, of course. Then he's not so sweet. But MOST of the time... :) He LOVES to be held and talked to. He'll just smile and talk back to you in the most precious little voice. Oh my gosh, sometimes I just can't believe how much I love my boys- more than I knew was possible. I'll get 6 month pics posted soon- and new ones of Nathan, too. Promise.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st Day of Gymnastics

Okay, so we gave soccer a shot. For the past 7 weeks we've had a soccer game every Saturday morning, plus practices every Monday. We're down to only ONE MORE game so we had a decision to make. Do we sign up for the next 8 weeks or do we try a new activity? We have definitely seen improvement over the last 7 weeks, I will admit that. However, when your child would rather stand on the sidelines cheering on his friends than actually playing the sport, it's a pretty good indication that he's just not that into it. So, today we went to gymnastics for a free trial class. Nathan really seemed to enjoy it and the coach said he listened really well and did everything she told him to do. So tonight at dinner I asked him if he wanted to play more soccer or take gymnastics instead. He tried to say, "gymnastics" but after several attempts he resorted to something along the lines of, "that place where we sit on those things with those things on our heads and then we swing one, two, three times then we JUMP into that pit with those big (foam) blocks then we...". The description continued for several minutes to the point that we've decided it is time to leave the world of soccer and venture into gymnastics. I have to say, I'm glad. I mean, I'm glad we tried soccer, and we met some really nice people there, but it was SO frustrating. Nathan just wasn't interested in getting into a huddle of 7 or 8 kicking, pushing kids to try to get the ball. Sometimes he wasn't interested in kicking the ball even if it came right to him! Like I said, he did show improvement over the course of the season, I just think it's not his thing. Besides, Saturday games really tie us down. Since our house and most of the people we know are somewhere other than Texas we need our weekends free to travel. Gymnastics classes are offered all day almost every day. And they offer parents night out once a month!

And for Joseph...
Now that his first tooth has made it all the way through, his second is trying to come in! He's drooling like crazy but so far hasn't been as fussy as he was with the first one.

Nonni, (my Mom) has been visiting this week. It's been SO NICE to have her here! We were so used to seeing her every couple of weeks when we lived in Tulsa and now we miss her like crazy! The boys have REALLY enjoyed having their Nonni here!

We plan to go to Tulsa on Saturday after Nathan's 8:00 AM soccer game. (Did I mention I'm glad this is the last one??) We'll be there through the weekend and would love to see our Tulsa friends!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My precious baby boy has his first tooth!! Wow, how time flies! Pick any 5 months of my pregnancy and they didn't go NEARLY as quickly as the 5 months since Joseph's birth have gone! I can't believe it's already time for teething. As exciting as it is, the poor little guy has had a rough time of it though. He cried a lot yesterday and nothing we did seemed to help much. He hasn't slept much either, therefore neither have the rest of us. He was up until midnight last night, awake at 2:30, and again at 6:30. Usually he's in bed around 8:30 & sleeps until 5:30 or so! Normally I work on Wednesdays and take him to the office with me. However, I decided I should stay home with him today since a crying baby at the office means nobody is very productive. He's still working hard to learn how to roll over. He's almost got it- just can't get that arm out of the way. As round as he is, once he starts he may just keep on rolling!

Nathan is wonderful. We've almost made it through his first year of preschool with no trips to the ER and no illnesses, so I figure we're doing great! (I'm knocking on wood) He was watching one of the PBS learning shows yesterday when he came running into my room. He was SO EXCITED! He said, "Mommy, I know how to spell "book". B-O-O-K!" I got excited with him because that's the first time he's spelled anything! In fact, I've worked with him like crazy just to remember that "Nathan" starts with "N"! When he was about 2 1/2 I taught him his shapes and colors. He picked those up so easily I thought, "Oh, this is a breeze! He's going to be easy to teach!" Plus, he's always LOVED books. Little did I know that he just wasn't going to be as interested in his numbers and letters. He's enjoyed learning to count and the alphabet song, but the recognition part- couldn't care less- until now. It's like a little light bulb has recently gone on. Now he's talking about learning to read! It's so much fun when he learns new stuff, (well, most of the time :)!

Still no offers on our house in Broken Arrow. We're trying to figure out whether we should sell it cheap, try to rent it out, or look for a new job back in the Tulsa area. It seems it's a bad time for any of the above. Hopefully something will work out soon. We haven't lived in our own home since last June!