Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st Day of Gymnastics

Okay, so we gave soccer a shot. For the past 7 weeks we've had a soccer game every Saturday morning, plus practices every Monday. We're down to only ONE MORE game so we had a decision to make. Do we sign up for the next 8 weeks or do we try a new activity? We have definitely seen improvement over the last 7 weeks, I will admit that. However, when your child would rather stand on the sidelines cheering on his friends than actually playing the sport, it's a pretty good indication that he's just not that into it. So, today we went to gymnastics for a free trial class. Nathan really seemed to enjoy it and the coach said he listened really well and did everything she told him to do. So tonight at dinner I asked him if he wanted to play more soccer or take gymnastics instead. He tried to say, "gymnastics" but after several attempts he resorted to something along the lines of, "that place where we sit on those things with those things on our heads and then we swing one, two, three times then we JUMP into that pit with those big (foam) blocks then we...". The description continued for several minutes to the point that we've decided it is time to leave the world of soccer and venture into gymnastics. I have to say, I'm glad. I mean, I'm glad we tried soccer, and we met some really nice people there, but it was SO frustrating. Nathan just wasn't interested in getting into a huddle of 7 or 8 kicking, pushing kids to try to get the ball. Sometimes he wasn't interested in kicking the ball even if it came right to him! Like I said, he did show improvement over the course of the season, I just think it's not his thing. Besides, Saturday games really tie us down. Since our house and most of the people we know are somewhere other than Texas we need our weekends free to travel. Gymnastics classes are offered all day almost every day. And they offer parents night out once a month!

And for Joseph...
Now that his first tooth has made it all the way through, his second is trying to come in! He's drooling like crazy but so far hasn't been as fussy as he was with the first one.

Nonni, (my Mom) has been visiting this week. It's been SO NICE to have her here! We were so used to seeing her every couple of weeks when we lived in Tulsa and now we miss her like crazy! The boys have REALLY enjoyed having their Nonni here!

We plan to go to Tulsa on Saturday after Nathan's 8:00 AM soccer game. (Did I mention I'm glad this is the last one??) We'll be there through the weekend and would love to see our Tulsa friends!

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