Sunday, July 5, 2009

Under the Weather and Still the Sweetest Kid in the World

Our whole family spent the 4th of July under the weather. Not exactly our plan for our holiday weekend, but such is life. Joseph has a double ear infection, but thanks to several days of antibiotics he's doing better. Friday night Nathan started crying saying his ear hurt. Nathan is not a crier- he takes immunizations without crying, so we knew it was a for-real-deal. I got him in at an after hours clinic to find out he probably has swimmers ear (outer ear infection), but the dr couldn't be 100% sure because he had earwax covering his eardrum. Lovely. So we've been putting antibiotic drops in his ear 2x a day but he still cries out suddenly that it hurts. I see another trip to the dr in our near future. I am SO missing our wonderful Dr. Bharani in Broken Arrow. The only bad thing about having a pediatrician you love and trust so much is that he's been impossible to replace since we moved. Joseph has been seen by FOUR different pediatricians and I'm still not 100% satisfied! And then there's Dr. Vaidya, our ENT in Tulsa. THE BEST ENT IN THE WORLD! Since this is Joseph's 3rd ear infection in a row we're probably headed toward tubes and I'm seriously thinking of taking him back to Tulsa. Nathan hasn't had any ear trouble since getting his tubes at 15 months, but if this keeps up he'll be needing an ENT again, too. So, not only are my babies both sick, I woke up yesterday with mild flu-like symptoms. I slept most of the day, thanks to my wonderful hubby. So far today I THINK I'm better, but I'm waiting to see if the fever & achy feelings come back once the Tylenol wears off.

Nathan woke up crying in the middle of the night last night, which is highly unusual for him. When I went to check on him he said still mostly asleep, "help me with Blankie". (Meaning he wanted his blankie spread out over him). So I did. Then he said, still mostly asleep "pat my back for a little while". So I crawled in bed with him and started rubbing his back. With his little eyes closed and in the sweetest, most sincere voice he said, "Thanks Mom. Thanks for all you do for me." And he drifted off to sleep. As I laid there and held him I just thought about how much I love him, and how very blessed I am to have these two angel-boys in my life.

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