Friday, June 5, 2009

Perot Happenings

Wow, it seems like a lot happens between my posts. We moved into the new house on May 13, as I said in the last post. Needless to say we are still getting settled in, but all things considered it's going pretty well. The boys have both adjusted beautifully, so that alone makes everything okay. Even Binks and Bailey seem to like their new back yard. It's almost as big as our other one but this house has a sliding patio door from the breakfast area. They LOVE being able to see in and are usually curled up right in front of it. Our house is in a neighborhood that joins my Aunt Nelda's neighborhood. It is WONDERFUL to live so close to her. On days I don't work I cook dinner and she comes over to eat with us. It's also great because, since we lived with her for almost a year, we're constantly running back there to get something we've left there. We've joked that she'll be finding our stuff until she moves out of that house! It's amazing how much stuff we took there little by little.

Not long after we moved in Paul got a kidney stone. He's had them a lot in the past, and they are always horrible, but this one was exceptionally bad. It first hit him on a Tuesday night and by Friday night we were in the ER. They gave him 3 doses of IV pain meds before it even touched the pain. Long story short, 3 days in the hospital, 2 procedures, and a week and a half later, he's finally feeling okay again. Thanks to Aunt Nelda and Mom, (who rushed down here asap) for taking care of my sweet babies while I stayed at the hospital with Paul. And by the way, if you ever need to be in the hospital in the DFW area, I highly recommend Baylor. We use the one located in Grapevine, but I hear they're all that good. We've spent a lot of time at that hospital in the last 8 months, including 2 trips to the ER, and they've been wonderful to us every time. (Hopefully that will be useless information to you!!) :)

Nathan and Joseph both started a new school this week. Although I REALLY didn't want Joseph in daycare at all it's just gotten too hard for me to get much done with him at the office with me. Nathan's been in a 3 day a week preschool program since last fall, and he really likes school, so it's been easier for him. Joseph and I, however, haven't ever been away from each other, (except for the aforementioned hospital stay). I wasn't sure how either of us would do, but I'm proud of us. We both made it through the week really well. So for the rest of the summer I will be home with the boys on Mondays & Tuesdays, then it's off to work and school for the rest of the week. I can't believe my sweet Nathan will move into the Pre-K class in the fall! He's gotten so big so fast it just breaks my heart! Thank goodness he's still a cuddler, and when he won't cuddle with me Joseph will. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my boys? They are amazing little people and I am so blessed to be their mom.

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