Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Night for Joseph

Tonight was a big night for the little guy. First, he finally mastered rolling over! He's been trying so hard for so long, but he got it. Paul, my Aunt Nelda and I all witnessed his big accomplishment and clapped and cheered for him. He was all grins!

THEN, as if we hadn't had enough excitement, he got to try his first veggie. Squash. Yes, I know. He's 6 months old, it was time. He's been getting cereal for quite a while now, and I do mix in a tiny bit of juice because he's not a fan of the plain stuff, but this was his first taste of true, big boy food. I was looking forward to seeing a funny, scrunched up little face when he tasted it. The little turkey just ate it like he'd been eating it all his life. No big deal. The bad news: I didn't get the good laugh I was hoping for. The good news: I didn't get squash spit back in my face. I'd say all in all, tonight was a success.

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