Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wow, it's been a really long time. Since the last time I posted, we've moved to Texas, sort of, Nathan started preschool, and we had sweet baby Joseph. Since we haven't sold our house in Broken Arrow, my wonderful Aunt Nelda opened her home to us. She has a beautiful, spacious house in Keller, TX, just north of Fort Worth and has been kind enough to let us call it home since last June. Paul is about to have his one year anniversary with Hilti and is in talks with them to help us move back to the Tulsa area since we still have a house there. Nathan turned 4 in December. He goes to preschool 3 days a week and has just started soccer. Joseph Marton (named after my Pappa Mart Horton) Perot was born on September 22 weighing 9 lbs 1 oz. He was a lot bigger than we expected him to be! He is a sweet, although very hungry little guy! It seems he just can't get enough to eat! He's 4 months old and is starting to outgrow his 3-6 month clothes- many of which he got for Christmas a month and a half ago! Although he isn't yet rolling over, he's sure trying hard! He also wants to sit up. He usually looks like he's trying to do pilates! I work part time for my aunt. She owns an asbestos remediation company and I help her out with bookkeeping and anything else she needs. It's wonderful working for someone who loves my kids! I always take Joseph with me and even take Nathan, too, when he's not in school. Nelda was kind enough to get a small TV/DVD player for the office and it's all set up for him in our "kitchen" area. He has a box of toys, plays V-Smile, or watches cartoons while I work. Most days it works out beautifully! Although we would like to move back into our home in Broken Arrow, it has been wonderful to have so much time with Aunt Nelda!

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